Technology has become an important element in almost every aspect of people s lives unit 4 research paper help

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my essay is uploaded but has to be set up like this could you make it set up like this please

I. Introduction – Technology has become an important element in almost every aspect of people’s lives. It has been integrated into the educational process over and over again throughout the years and has given newer and better tools to help facilitate learning.

II. First Main Topic

A. First supporting Point

B. Second Supporting Point

III. Second Main Topic

C. First Supporting Point

D. Second Supporting Point

IV. Third Main Topic

E. First Supporting Point

F. Second Supporting Point

V. Use as many topics as needed


Annotated Bibliography

Etherington, M. (2008). E-Learning pedagogy in the primary school classroom: The

McDonaldization of education, Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 33(5), 1-48.

Etherington describes the dehumanization of primary students as a direct result of

online pedagogy. He goes on to illustrate the potential problems that will stem from this:

“isolation, lack of community and decreased socialization of its learners….repetitive stress injuries, eyestrain, obesity, and social isolation” (p. 43). His research also notes that

This part of the assignment should

introduce the topic of the paper.

Include a brief outline of the body of your


In the Annotated Bibliography, the references are listed in alphabetical order with the summary following. The references are formatted with a hanging indent. The summary will be formatted with a block indention. Be sure

to include at least 3 source annotations.

Notice the only in-text needed is page #s for direct quotes.


human advancement led them to create better technology. This technology led humans to become reliant on machines solely, which in its brilliance demands social isolation. “When a child gets on their computer….there is no sense of a physical connection – there is only a mask that lies on top of a set of computer instructions” (p. 34). Further research indicated that if a teacher were absent from the classroom, but were elsewhere conducting an interactive activity, the children would not only leave the computer, but would have no interest in the computer during this activity.

Macionis, J. J. (2009). Society the basics (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice


This book defines socialization from an industry perspective: “sociologists use the term socialization to refer to the lifelong social experience by which people develop their human potential and learn culture” (p. 72). Further, this book states that “humans need social experience to learn their culture and to survive” (p. 72). According to Mead (as cited in Macionis, 2008), who developed social behaviorism and the central concept of self, “the self develops only with social experience” (p. 77). Socialization is also critically enhanced by children attending school. In school, they begin to recognize cultural, racial, social, and gender differences. During this time, children also begin to form peer groups, which permit “escape [from] direct supervision of adults” (p. 81) and they first begin to learn to establish relationships outside the family. Also, this book illustrates the physical manifestations that can result from a lack of socialization: become “more passive, less physically fit, less likely to use imagination” (p. 82).

This is how you cite a secondary source. It shows that Mead was quoted in a book by Macionis. This is how to use Mead’s quote and still give credit to Macionis, who is the author of the book. Notice the placement of the author and year and the page number after the quote.



Include the reflection part of the assignment here.

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