Synthesizing the Weeks Controversy and Looking Ahead, assignment help

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Synthesizing the Week’s Controversy and Looking Ahead

Throughout this course, your instructor has summarized each discussion forum conversation and provided you with lingering questions and/or considerations. Now, it is your turn to do this and to go a step further.

For this journal, there are two tasks. First, by Day 7 of this week, write a brief 100-word journal entry summarizing the conversation in “The Role of Big Pharma” discussion forum. Offer and reflect on any conclusions that the class came to regarding the discussion forum topic. What were the conclusions and what are your thoughts regarding these? If you do not see that the class came to any significant conclusions, what kept conclusions from being drawn in the discussion? What lingering questions remain to be answered, and how might they be answered? What other issues regarding this controversy need to be considered?

Second, reflect on and write about how the themes discussed over the past five weeks, within this course, may be applicable in your future career and/or relationships at work. How will having an increased understanding about Abnormal Psychology better prepare you for dealing with situations that may arise throughout your life?

Your journal will be graded based on whether or not you provided a substantial and thoughtful entry.

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