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hi ralph. i gave you three papers to read and write in past 2 months. you did a good job.

now i need elaborated details. since you have read papers already, i am assigning this task to you again.

i have shared a document. i kind of integrated your work with my work.that is the first review of my i have to write one more draft. it should be like a final one only.

Details about how a paper should look are below :

  1. Introduction – expected length is 1 page in final version
  2. Background – begin filling in the information on the topics readers need to know to understand the summaries and discussion
  3. Summaries – consider revising summaries if you think you need to get more information from the papers to use in the discussion section; organize into subsections if more than 3 articles being summarized
  4. Discussion – at least 3 pages in final version; if you are stuck here, consider using a “synthesis matrix” as a starting point – see for an example
  5. Conclusion – at least half page in final version; discuss and answer the research question based on what you learned from summarizing the papers and writing the discussion section
  6. References – include all references mentioned
  7. Attribute the ideas to the proper sources in the Introduction, Background, Summaries, Discussion, and Conclusion.
  8. If you use “i” or “me” in your draft, make sure that it is referring to me. Otherwise, use referencing conventions when talking about paper authors.
  9. A referencing convention: when referring to another paper, use last name of authors followed by the reference ID.

Repeating the Research question once again for you

1. What are the techniques for analyzing the impact of security mechanisms on requirements?

2. Alternatively, you can also investigate techniques for analyzing the security impact of a functional requirement.

Research paper should answer either of the question.

in the document i attached

Paper 2,3 and 4 are the once you did and others are what i worked on.

So work on those 3 again because you know them already and modify it to meet the above expectations.

thank you.

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