Sustainable Finance: Compare and Contrast three funds of your choosing, and tell us which one you like and why. Reading supplements

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*NOTE: I will attach the “7 Tribes of Sustainable Investing” and the other reading supplements


Further to the assignment due Tuesday

○ Select three investors either from the optional text Evolutions in Sustainable Investing (the first ten chapters are now posted here, see Table of Contents also posted) or other investors of interest to you that you believe to be attempting to invest in a sustainable or impact focused manner. The posted Charles Schwab Socially Conscious List is one resource you can also use, you might also consider ImpactAssets 50 or this resource or use your own discretion.

○ Compare and contrast the three managers’ approaches, successes, challenges, etc. as described in the book or at their own websites or similar (seek out fund Factsheets on the funds you choose) – consider which of the “7 Tribes of Sustainable Investing” these managers utilize – write up 1 page max per fund

○ Then consider and describe which investor you find the most effective and why

3 pages max should suffice

Teacher clarification:

The exercise is simply to compare and contrast three funds of your choosing in your words, given perspectives like the 7 Tribes of Sustainable Investing we covered in class and per the related reading,

simply describe three funds of your choosing, and tell us which one you like and why

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