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Survey Questions

Have you ever filled out a form and come across the following question?

“What is your household income?”

How did you respond to this question? If you have never encountered this question, consider how you might respond to such a personal inquiry.

Many sensitive subjects exist in public health research that people might have difficulty discussing. The likelihood of obtaining accurate and reliable information often depends upon how a question is asked. This is especially true for sensitive topics, such as income, sexual behavior, illegal drug use, and intimate partner violence.

For this Discussion, think about sensitive information you might need to gather through a survey. Consider how you would develop survey questions appropriate for eliciting responses from potentially reluctant participants.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a description of a research topic that would involve the gathering of sensitive information. Then, construct three survey questions that you might use to gather this sensitive information. Identify the study population you have chosen and explain your rationale for how the survey questions are constructed. Explain potential challenges to accurate and reliable data collection of sensitive information from this population. Finally, explain how you might operationalize and measure the variables collected by the survey questions you have constructed.


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