subject of Strategic Brand Management,

Hey Guys, I have one assignment for the subject of Strategic Brand Management, Where you have to write a journal answering 5  questions from the five different weeks which I have provided you in the word document in the chronological order. There is week1, week3, week4, week 7 and week 8. In each week there are 2 to 3 questions and you have to answer all of them. In week 7 there is suggested reading , you are advised to look on that it will be good. From week 1 to week 4 you are supposed to write 1200 words however for rest of the week you can write 800 words. Based upon your understanding you can do that but it should be relevant and must have evidence which will reflect on our references. And references should be harvard and you are required to follow the link for the referencing which has been provided in the assignment. Please go through with the assignment brief and then only accept it. DO it on time and make it excellent. I have added one more document for your reference. Don’t copy it but consider it while writing my journal

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