Study Guide for Common Infectious Conditions treated in Outpatient Primary Care Setting

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Learner Objectives:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of key infectious diseases
  • Identify goals of therapy for these infectious diseases
  • Develop empiric treatment for treating infectious disease
  • Identify diagnostic testing to help guide the clinician’s differential diagnosis
  • Identify the first line pharmacological agents to treat infection
  • Differentiate the lifespan considerations when prescribing medications
  • Develop patient education plan for pts with infection
  • Discuss the implications for vaccinations and infection.
  • Identify the patient who has viral infection vs bacterial infection
  • Identify the diagnostic testing (laboratory and imaging) tests that should be performed to assist in both diagnosis and management of patient with infection.
  • Identify pain as it applies to different infections and how NP can manage it.
  • Identify any black box (BB) warnings with anti infectives prescribed
  • 13. Practice correct method to write out prescriptions for adult and for pediatric patient.

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