Structure of The Criminal Justice System Diagram

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The organization and structure of criminal justice services is an important building block in the quest for improved institutional performance.
Understanding how departments interact with each other is the foundation of understanding whether or not the organization is meeting the goals of its mission
statement. The diagram you create in this activity will serve as a visual representation of how the organization is structured and a starting point for your strategic
Prompt: Create a diagram or outline in which you display the structure of the criminal justice department that you are hoping to join after you complete your
degree program. If you currently work in a criminal justice department, you may create a diagram of its structure. See this example diagram to assist you in
completing the activity. However, you are not limited to this format. There are a variety of tools that you could use to create your diagram, including (but not
limited to) Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Regardless of which tool you use to create your diagram or outline, you must submit the final
artifact as a DOC, PPT, or PDF file.
Be sure to select the specific geographical area in which you wish to work, as that will influence the department’s structure.
In addition to submitting your diagram, include a 3- to -5 paragraph paper reflecting on how the structure of the criminal justice department that you selected
for this assignment is similar to and/or different from the organization presented in the case study in final project.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
A. Constructs a diagram representing the structure of a criminal justice department.
B. Composes the structure of the criminal justice department specific to the geographical area.
C. Compares and contrasts the selected organization from the organization presented in the case study.
D. Analyzes how each department within the organization works symbiotically to achieve its mission statement.
Guidelines for

Submission: Your diagram or outline must be submitted as a one-page Microsoft Word document, PowerPoint file (PPT), or PDF file. In addition,
your reflection must be submitted as a 3- to -5 paragraph Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch
margins. Any sources used must be cited in APA forma

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