Strong Response Essay

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In your essay, you will include a thorough summary of your chosen article. Next, you will respond to the article. We have discussed three types of response: rhetorical critique, ideas critique, and reflection. You should write a blend of all three types. In other words, you can consider the author’s rhetorical strategies, your own agreement or disagreement with the author’s ideas, and your personal response to the text; focus on the elements of the article that seem most fruitful to you. Think of your response as your analysis of how the text tries to influence its readers rhetorically and how your wrestling with the text has expanded and deepened your thinking about its ideas.

as you write your essay, remember to use attributive tags, quotation marks for any quoted passages, and MLA documentation to distinguish your own points about the text from the author’s idea and language.

Your essay should consist of

  • 3 – 6 pages
  • be double – spaced
  • contain 12 -point font and one – inch margins document source material with in – text parenthetical citations and a works cited pagein MLA Style

Title and hyperlink to article below.

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

John Twenge

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