Stratford University Genetic in Microbes Map & Bovine Methane Emission Control Paper

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Design and submit a concept map on what you have
learned. It should include concepts and connections between concepts

How genetics affects replication and growth of microbes by type

Lesson 7

Activity 1: MRSA

Antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria have become an
increasing problem. Bacteria have the ability to change in order to
survive. To see the effect this has had, work through the animation on MRSA

Now design a poster that could be used in a hospital or
community center to inform people about MRSA and the need to complete
antibiotics as ordered.

Activity 2: Microbial Genetics Lab

Complete the Virtual Genetics Lab

Investigate the games, activities and information to learn more about genetics at Genetics Alive

Activity 3: Case Study

Complete the case, The Cow of the Future, Genetically Engineering a Microbe to Reduce Bovine Methane Emissions

First, Download the case study.

Second, Work through the case, answering all questions.

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