Strategic Marketing opportunities changing roles organization brand model product distribution system

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assessment asks you to test the value and then apply marketing theories,
concepts and constructs to an organization with which you are familiar.
This should be an organization that has a market presence in Oman. It may
be a subsidiary of a global company or it may be locally owned. It may include
one of the case examples. It can include any not-for-profit.

The challenge
is based on your ability to critically match theory from the
course, journal articles with practical outcomes in terms of your future career

Based on an organization
that you are familiar with, select and choose to answer two of
the four questions:

1.What practical opportunities and what
challenges does the changing role of marketing present for your organisation?

2.What are the challenges, for your organisation,
of being market orientated?

3.What are the links, for your organisation,
between value creation and differentiation?

4.What are the limitations of applying branding
models, for your organisation?

The marking
criteria are:

understanding of core marketing concepts and their relevance to a local

Shows critical
insight into the value of core marketing concepts for the organisation.

Shows where and
how value will be created within the organisation.

Is based on
reliable sources, suitable referenced and critiqued.

recommendations and gives an action plan that are measurable and practical.

This assessment allows you to reflect upon the value of the theory to an
organisation rather than about analysing a company. The company
is a “vehicle” to show you have reflected upon the value of marketing models,
theories and concepts.

Please follow all requirements:

– The Organization must be based in OMAN or a branch in OMAN for global company.

– Use Matrix

– 5 to 6 References.

– 1300 words without references

– I’ll be attaching notes for you to follow depends on the two questions you will choose.

– 0% Plagiarism.

– Kindly finish it in less than 12 hours if possible, I’d be thankful.

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