Strategic Management Discussions

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These discussion questions need to be answered in 75-100 words. A substantive message must be grounded with at least one cited and referenced relevant and credible source according to 400-level APA standards. This does not need to be in paper form. Just simply answer the question and write the answer in discussion form and EACH discussion needs a proper citation. Please make sure each question is detailed and answered fully. Provide examples with research that backs it up. The textbook for this course is “Strategic Management Concepts and Cases”- Jeff Dyer, Paul Godfrey, Robert Jensen, David Bryce

  • What are the different types of strategic alliances, and under what circumstances each alliance type is preferred?
  • Under what circumstances is each type of strategic alliance preferred, and when (i.e., at what stage in the organizational life cycle) might a company choose one type over another?
  • What are some factors that must be considered before a company considers expanding internationally?
  • From a risk management perspective, how would a company decide what, where, when and how to expand internationally?
  • What affects does innovation have on competition and competitive advantage?
  • What phases do a product or service go through during its life cycle, and how could a company avoid the decline phase through innovation?

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