Stage 2: Process Analysis

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Stage 2:Process Analysis —Refer to the Stage 2 DOCUMENT FOR INstructions

Before you begin work on this assignment, be sure you have read the Case Study and reviewed the feedback received on your Stage 1 assignment.


As the business analyst in the CIO’s department of Maryland Technology Consulting (MTC), your next task in developing your Business Analysis and System Recommendation (BA&SR) Report is to conduct a process analysis.This will identify how the current manual process is working and what improvements could be made to the process that would be supported by a technology solution.

Assignment – BA&SR: Section II. Process Analysis

The first step is to review the feedback you received on your Stage 1 assignment, making any needed corrections or adjustments. Part of the grading criteria for Stage 4 submission includes addressing previous feedback to improve the final report.For this assignment, you will add Section II of the Business Analysis and System Recommendation (BA&SR) Report to your corrected Section I. You will conduct an analysis of the current hiring process and present information on expected business improvements.This analysis lays the ground work for Section III. Requirements of the BA&SR Report (Stage 3 assignment) which will identify MTC’s requirements for a system.

Using the case study, assignment instructions, Content readings, and external research, develop your Section II. Process Analysis.The case study tells you that the executives and employees at MTC have identified a need for an effective and efficient hiring system.As you review the case study, use the assignment instructions to take notes to assist in your analysis.As the stakeholders provide their needs and expectations to improve the process, identify steps that could be improved with the support of a hiring system.Also look for examples of issues and problems that can be improved with a technology solution.

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