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The City of Lakewood has a test that it
uses to screen potential applicants for the position of Fireman. It consists of
50 yard dash, scaling a ladder (for time), carry a heavy pack for a 100 yards,
and all of this in a firefighting equipment….There is also a test using the
fire axe to break thorough a door (also timed). The total score is used to
screen applicants (100 point scale).  The
cut off score is 70. Many women applicants complain that the gloves and boots
are too big and hurts their times…in fact none have passed the test. The City
maintains the test is representative of the job of firefighter.  Analyze and discuss and decide the case. What
type of validity are they using? Explain it. Is this the appropriate type or
should they use another? Is reliability an issue here? Why or why not. Explain
and defend you answer. Any suggestions for improving the test and/or validation

the job below provide a list of at least 5-10 questions that could be used as
part of a structured interview for the job listed below: (list the questions in
order of importance).


Grips and set-up workers, motion picture
sets, studios, and stages

Arrange equipment;
raise and lower scenery; move dollies, cranes, and booms,
and perform other duties for the motion picture, recording, or television

·  Arranges equipment preparatory to
sessions and performances following work order specifications and handles props
during performances.

·  Rigs and dismantles stage or set
equipment such as frames, scaffolding, platforms, or backdrops, using
carpenter’s hand tools.

·  Adjusts controls to raise and lower
scenery and stage curtain during performance, following cues.  Adjusts controls to guide, position, and move
equipment such as cranes, booms, and cameras.

·  Erects canvas covers to protect
equipment from weather.

·  Reads work orders and follows oral
instructions to determine specified material and equipment to be moved and its

·  Connects electrical equipment to
power source and tests equipment before performance.  Orders equipment and maintains equipment
storage areas.

·  Sews and repairs items using
materials and hand tools such as canvas and sewing machines.

·  Produces special lighting and sound
effects during performances, using various machines and devices.

attendance and significant Overtime is required as well long periods away from

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