speech outline and discussion question/response on recycling benefits and processes

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Speech Selection: Recycling Benefits and Process

The topic I chose to elaborate on in my speech is the effects of recycling. In doing so, I will inform you of the benefits of recycling. Why should we recycle? What are the rewards in recycling? The processes and materials needed to prevent profligate waste. Creating personal ways and styles of recycling systems, in addition to giving examples of items produced from recycled waste such as paper, glass, plastic, metal, textiles, etc. Growing up in the city you tend to see a lot of trash on the streets, causing havoc in our environment. Presenting this speech will inform all people that recycling can make a difference in protecting our world from harmful substances that alter our health and preserving our population from the causes of global warming.

Create a outline: Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word sample template provided through the link box. Develop a specific purpose, central idea, and several main points from my own outline given above.

In addition to the outline, the discussion question needs a response to all the questions. A link/resource I can use for my informative recycling speech and a response given to Francis Massaquoi response question

Write a response for—–Week 4 Discussion-Source Evaluation and Effectiveness

  • Answer this question: “What makes a high-quality source?”
  • Share a resource you intend to use in your informative speech. (Provide a link and / or upload a copy.) 
  • Share your speech topic and explain how this source will support your informative speech. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of classmate Francis Massaquoi source for their topic. Why is the source a good choice? Could another source better support the topic? If so, why? 

Respond to—-Francis Massaquoi

RE: Week 4 Discussion

All sources are not created equal. People write for many reasons, to inform, to entertain, to persuade, to describe, to mislead, to satirize. and the quality of the information depends on this purpose. in an academic assignment, it is important to use evidence that is reliable, accurate, objective, and up to date.

There are specific things to consider when you decide whether not to use a piece of information. information may be considered “high quality” if it meets all or most of the following criteria: Relevance, accuracy/credibility of the content, author credibility, source credibility, references/documentation, objectivity or bias and currency.

My speech topic is the Pros and cons of Capital Punishment. the resources that I intend to use are http://www.britanica.com, The time magazine, www.ncsl.org>research>death-penalty and deathpenaltyinfo.org, these source are very reliable and will help me find or learned everything that I need to learn about my topic, they are very reliable, objective, credible, accurate and informative.


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