Social Work Discussion, sociology homework help (Five sentence paragraphs with an introduction)

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A good discussion posts consists of the following:

  • Organization – Five sentence paragraphs with an introduction, three supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence. Think about this same organization for your discussion posts: several paragraphs in your post, one paragraph as an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and then a conclusion paragraph. (Please note: This format is only a suggestion, you may need more or less paragraphs to appropriatly address the discussion topic).
  • Don’t rely too heavily on quotes – Take several articles and point them together into a unique way. We want your thinking supported by research. An example of this is to remember to paraphrase the work that you are researching and make it your words but still cite the source. We want to see more of your words and less quotes.


Using the vignette (link below) and an ethical decision making model in the Cournoyer textbook, identify at least one ethical dilemma that could present itself in this situation.

Address how you would handle the issue using the Code of Ethics and one of the ethical decision making models presented in the Cournoyer textbook.

Use these sources to answer the discussion questions

Your Tasks:

Make an initial, substantive post of at least 250 – 350 words considering the directions and prompt above.

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