Social Psychology of the tape of Donald Trump psychology homework help

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Recently, when at the age of 59 both a video and audio tape of Donald Trump were revealed to show him saying some extremely sexist and offensive things about women, their sexual body parts, what he did and would like to do to them and why they would allow him to. It has created a storm of controversy and he has apologized. A lot of people have decided not to vote for him in the past. Complete the assignment below by answering the following questions – (attach a newspaper article or web article to support each part of the assignment). You don’t need an article for the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance because the theory is discussed in your textbook.

1. What did Donald Trump explicitly say in the taped conversation? You can use the explicit words he used.

2. What were some of at least 10-12 of his fellow Republican comments who no longer support him say and why?

3. Summarize Leon Festingers Theory of Cognitive Dissonance and explain why even with these offensive comments many of his CORE SUPPORTERS are still going to vote for him. How do they explain/rationalize that although they find his comments and behaviors offensive, they are still going to vote for him. Explain how Cognitive Dissonance theory explains their reasoning and behavior even though they are upset with him about these sexually offensive comments, even though he has made other offensive comments about women and other minorities in the past.

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