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Respond to this post in 5 sentences or more.

My views on feminism have been shaped by my own unique life experiences.  I would apply the “looking glass theory” to my own childhood and conclude that my views on women were shaped by the many strong women that were in my life, and also the actions of my own father.  In other words I take a “standpoint theory” perspective on my own views of women’s equality.  I grew up in a house with four sisters, a very opinionated mother and the frequent presence of grandmothers and aunts.  I really had no choice but to listen to and acknowledge the views and opinions of women.  Openly showing my respect for their opinions led not only to positive reinforcement from those women but also from my father, who leading by example, always treated my mother as a partner and not his property.  It was instilled in me that a strong man is a man that not only supports and protects women, but also treats them with dignity and respect. 

I find my views to be in line with the multicultural view of feminism. As a male I do not have the same passion for the feminist cause that is needed to support a radical feminist agenda.  I also do not believe that women’s inequality underlies all forms of inequality.  I also find it hard to believe, as liberal feminists propose, that ending all inequality for women can be achieved without fundamentally altering society.  As to the socialist feminist view that the capitalist economic system is to blame and ,without major changes to market economy, women cannot gain full equality.  As the “pater familias” (father of the family) in my own household, I wouldn’t last long if I took a patriarchal view that I should dominate the women in my life. 

I ascribe to the multicultural feminist views that seeks to fully understand the roots of women’s inequality and promotes full equality of all women, without any exceptions for age, nationality, race, class or sexual identification.  For the sake of my own daughters futures, as well as for the good of millions of women that continue to suffer from abuse, mutilation of their bodies and even face becoming sex slaves of radical terrorists that use their religion to excuse the behavior, full equality for women must remain a primary goal of our society.

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