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By Saturday evening — TWO BLOGS DUE à


  1. Research Step #5 – Submit in a blog titled à “Research Paper Proposal”

    After reading Module #7 notes, write a Research Proposal for your research topic. Use the form displayed in the sample in the notes.  This paper should fulfill the following criteria:

    • Include your main research question at the top and in the body of the paper.

    • First paragraphà Rationale

    • Second paragraphà Introducing and explaining the main research question and three sub questions.  Briefly explain the paper’s organization.

    • Third paragraphà Research strategy.

    • Brief working bibliography with three possible sources to be used in the final paper. In APA format.

    • SUBMIT WORK à in your student blog with title “Research Paper Proposal”



  2. SECOND BLOG–Post to be titled “Module #7 ASSIGNMENT” — Synthesize two more Body Paragraphs (BP) around focused specific themes from the sources you have found.  As you did with the Objective Synthesis paper, as a research writer you are answering / investigating a research question based on findings from credible, expert sources.  To do so you must determine several similar specific common themes discussed in two or more secondary sources.  For Module #6 you were to begin writing a BP based on one of those common themes. 

    For this assignment you are to write two more SCCUDy BPs on two other themes that could be used in your paper.  You may also want to re-draft the BP you wrote for Module #6 in this assignment. 

    Do the following to accomplish this task:


  • Go back over the annotations for the sources you have found so far and identify two or more focused –specific—ideas – that are discussed in at least two of the sources  you are reading for your research paper.

  • Using paraphrases only — no quotations for this assignment — develop a BP about what each source says about that single idea.

  • Be sure to begin each BP with a topic sentence that identifies the common theme, and make sure the paraphrases are presented coherently – in other words, use transitions.

  • Cite both sources.

  • Include a bibliography after the BPs.

  • Do you know where these BPs will go in your paper’s organization?


    Submit in a second blog titled – “Module #7 Work”







    WRIT 303




    Main research question: How effective are AAC devices in treating autistic children?







    Explanation for choosing this topic

    The research topic that will be investigated is on augmentative alternative communication (AAC) devices, an assistive technology, and how this sort of device can aid the autistic population. This topic was chosen because the writer has firsthand knowledge of this type of technology being used on a child when volunteering at a hospital. This paper will look into the different types of AAC devices, their intended purpose and the effectiveness of these devices on the autistic population



    Main Research Question and three sub questions & paper basic organization.

    The main question this research paper will investigate: “Are AAC devices effective in teaching autistic children to communicate?”  To support this  research topic/ question, the following sub-questions will be considered: 

    1. What are AAC devices? How are AAC devices classified?
    2. What is the intended purpose of these devices i.e. the theory behind the practice? How reliable are these devices?
    3. How accessible are the devices to the autistic population i.e. home, school, workplace?  Similarly, this paper will also look at disagreements from other professionals, specifically Occupational therapists and Speech pathologists on the effectiveness of AAC devices as a mode of communication.

    Presently, the organization of the paper is not finalized, but the paper might begin by giving a brief history of this new technology, augmentative alternative communication devices. Secondly, the paper will give a brief definition of AAC then, it will discuss the types of AAC devices. Thirdly, the paper will attempt to illustrate what AAC devices do and how effective are they in facilitating communication in autistic children. This will allow the reader to have a true understanding of AAC devices and the usefulness of this technology in the disabled population.



    Research Strategy

          To answer these questions, articles from journals such as. The Journal of American Speech-Language Pathology and Journal of Special Education will be used. To date, book sources have not been found.  Further research will hopefully find more sources that focus on AAC devices and how they assist the autistic population in communicating. An interesting article in the journal Paediatrics and Child Health by Clarke and Price (2012) may prove quite helpful.  See     Further research will be done at the NYC Mid-Manhattan Library.  Will look for more specialized libraries in the area for detailes sources.  Plan to meet with a York reference librarian for further ideas.








    Class Discussion Prompt:


    This prompt has two parts – please consider both in your discussion:




    • Where are you with your research paper project?  What difficulties are you having?
    • How are you going to organize the annotation notes you are developing as you read?  Do any of the suggestions in the Module #7 notes–regarding note cards–seem a reasonable process to keep annotations in order? Explain your answer in as much detail as possible as you think through this important step or research paper writing.


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