skills of a good leader, week 3 disc 33 help

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Please do a paragraph about this post with this instruction .

post most have 4 or more sentences .

you also have to have a high quality post from a content perspective. This means it also needs to do more than agree with or praise a class mate. If you agree with a classmate, explain why, give an example, share what you learned in the readings

The skills of a good leader are the ability to motivate other people and to put forth a vision that is enticing to others. A leader is someone who can enhance a team’s motivation intrinsically and extrinsically. It is therefore important to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic motivating forces and enhance them. Intrinsic motivation is driven by an interest or enjoyment in the task itself, and exists within the individual rather than relying on outside pressure. Extrinsic motivation is when a person is motivated to do something on external factors, such as the expectation of a reward or a fear of punishment. Individuals and organizations progress effectively by managing the process of transition from one state of existence to another more desirable one. The variables of intrinsic motivation are self-determination, enjoyment,

excitement, spontaneous experiences, volitional, and, self-esteem. Variables of extrinsic motivation are rewards, punishment, fringe benefits, compensation, separable outcomes, and high quality learning (Thompson, 2014).

High performance work teams are distinguished by their ability to function at a high level for extended periods of time, in the most efficient and effective manner possible. It involves respect and the embracing of difference of opinion, clear goals and knowledge of professional expectations, effective verbal and written communication which is concise and clear. Members of high performance teams thrive on trust in one another to pull their own weight and get the job done to the best of their ability, within the time frames set out by the group. They are empowered by a sense of ownership for what the team produces, they feel they have stake in the success of the project (Weise and Ricci, 2012).

To present your project to management you have to use persuasion, negotiation, and bargaining techniques (Huber, D., 2014).

To have a greater impact face to face communication is always the best route to take. This would have to be first meeting, to set up how the group is going to communicate. The other means of communication could be the use of a file-sharing-system. Many in the business world rely on their computers and other media devices. With this mode of communication, it is easily accessible through any media device, so it is very convenient. You can add all the members to the system and they can log in and provide their input into the system for all the members to view one another’s progression on the project.

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