should we tax pizza and soda

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Hello. this is mt professor’s instruction please pay attention to do all the steps:

Read: Highlighted portions of 2010 American Medical Association

Food Price and Diet and Health Outcomes

Answer the following questions:


4 Points

1. Describe the participants in this study and the length of timethe study took place.

(1/2 pt)

Do you think this was positive or negative to the results of the study? (1/2 point)

3. What were the Results as they pertain to: (1 point)

  • _______% increase in price of soda resulted in _______% decline in probability of purchasing soda (1/2 pt)
  • $1 increase in price of soda associated with average ______ fewer calories, _____pound lower weight and improved _________Score* (1/2 pt)

3. Do you think foods such as soda and pizza should be taxed in an attempt to deter people from eating them? Explain your answer 1 point.

4. What do you think needs to be done so that people will eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains? (1/2 point)

What would it take for YOU to do that? (1/2 point)

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