Short English 102 Discussion

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Formulate an academic synthesis that addresses the ideas in both Turner’s and Der Vang’s work. The academic synthesis should follow the guidelines as outlined in the tutorial.

  1. Choose 1 poem from Turner and 1 poem from Der Vang that you feel have a significant overlap with one another. Once you have your 2 poems, provide 2 paragraphs that explain the overlaps you see between the 2 poems.
    • Your paragraphs should be driven largely by your thesis statement ideas for the current writing project.
    • Your paragraphs should narrow in focus on ideas of displacement and/or power
    • Your paragraphs should include textual evidence (quotes) from both authors (not one author per paragraph)
    • Your paragraphs should analyze the overlapping elements from each of the poems.

Potential overlapping elements (you can use these as a guide if you need)

  • poetic structures
  • diction and word choice
  • images
  • thematic statements
  • symbols
  • motifs

The goal is to provide synthesis in your analysis in order to effectively analyze concepts. This is an important skill for literary interpretation and will yield great results for your essay.

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