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I am needing at least two paragraphs written on the following topic:

Databases allow for storage of large amounts of raw data that can be manipulated and analyzed to retrieve useful information. Discuss some specific instances where a database could help a person or organization to manage its need for information. Give some specific examples of data that could be collected, stored, and later analyzed to retrieve useful information. (Please use APA format when citing.)

To complete the assignment, I will also need a reply written for two posts that my peers have submitted. Please see the post below:

1) Hello Everyone,

Databases could be particularly useful for retail operations. These operations could use a database to collect data such as inventory, sales made, customer names, customer addresses, customer emails, customer phone numbers and much more. These same databases could be used to help maintain a constant level of inventory. Another good use for databases could be for manufacturing facilities that could track inventory of materials, inventory of completed components and all vendor and customer information. Any company that wanted to track data could use a database to manage the data collected. Call centers could also benefit by collecting call data including a number of calls, length of calls, types of calls and initiating phone number of calls. Practically any business could use a database to help improve their business.


2) A hospital organization use of a database is extremely helpful for a hospital to function properly. The purpose of a database is collecting and organizing information for storage, accessibility, and retrieval. A database for a hospital can maintain an organization’s inventory, patient’s information, disease type, inventory of medical supplies, inventory of food, and many other beneficial functions within the organization. For the most part, databases in the healthcare field are the foundation for running many transactional systems. Majority of hospital’s have several databases used for different reason. For example, a well-known database called Electronic Health Record(EHR) is used in the healthcare. EHR is a systematized collection of patient’s health information that can be shared across different health care providers. EHR reduces the need to have to track down a patient’s previous medical records and it decreases paperwork being lost. The decrease of inaccuracies reduces many medical errors that occur due to misinformed information. In my opinion because of the amount of information a hospital comes across daily, a database helps keeps everything organized. Hospital’s benefit from the use of a database to maintain and effectively run their organization in a protective way for their patient’s. A patient’s privacy in the healthcare industry is top priority.

– Stefanie Moss

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