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Music is a big part of our lives; even if we are not big music fans, music surrounds us–TV, movies, commercials, church, elevators, or listening to someone else’s music drifting from their earbuds. So what does our listening to music reveal about our (society’s/culture’s) values? For this assignment, you will be conducting an analysis of music.

In your analysis you should discuss how the songs (one of my choosing, one of your own choosing) reflect societal trends, values, and culture as it relates to sexual health. We get many of our ideas and values in this society from various forms of media–TV, movies, advertisements, music, etc., and in this paper, it is your job to think about how songs create or feed into societal and personal beliefs, values, and actions.


  • You will closely read and listen to the lyrics from one song (of your choosing). You will analyze the song based on its lyrics, the official music video, performances of the song by the artist, interviews from the artist talking about the song, the artist’s Wikipedia page, etc. Some of these other sources may not exist, and that’s okay. It just gives you another source of information from which to gather information for your analysis.
  • Include a cover page with your name, course number and name of the class, assignment name, and due date.
  • Do not include the writing prompts/questions that are listed below. This should be a paper that is written with proper paragraphs, sections, and should flow nicely together. NOT Q&A format.


  • Identify a song that contains lyrics that contain messages about sex, relationships, sexual health, feminism, misogyny, sexism, consent, sexual violence, love, etc. Choose a song that will allow you to provide a rich and in depth analysis of the lyrics.
  • Why did you choose this song?
  • Cite the song using APA format at the top of the page.
  • Create a table with two columns
  • List the original lyrics, line by line, in the left column
  • Provide your interpretation of the lyrics in the right column, line by line
    • See example for help in formatting
  • Briefly summarize the main points of the song. What is the overall “message” or “theme” of the song? What is the artist trying to communicate?
  • Set the song within the context of its genre or classification–rock, alternative, hip-hop, country, classical, pop, rap, R & B, bluegrass, opera, etc. Is the song typical of its genre? Why or why not?



These questions are to get you thinking and help guide you with your analysis. An “A” paper will consider the majority of these questions and provide a thoughtful analysis that brings in bigger messages discussed in our coursework/lessons/readings:


  • Conclude. Wrap it up. Reflect. What have you learned in completing this assignment? What would you tell people about lyrics and their influence on people’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors?

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