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*Answer in no less than one page, only use given article for reference, majority of response should be based on own thoughts*

Research suggests that consumer impressions of the quality of the service they receive is affected by:
1. Professional Service Performance
2. Emotional Intelligence
3. Social Skills
4. Visual Appearance and aesthetics (Pfajfar et al., 2010).

What do you think about this 4th category?  Do you think it is okay to select more attractive applicants over less attractive ones if it results in a better service experience for customers?   Present your arguments for or against selection based on physical attractiveness.  To help in your arguments, see the bottom of page 275 of the attached article by Pfajfar et al. (2010).

Pfajfar, G., Knehtl, M., & Mitrega, M. (2010).  The value of aesthetics in the process of hiring new employees in the service industry and its impact on service quality.  The Business Review, 15, 272-281.

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