Select an educational site such as a Pre-K–12 school district, Management Assignment Homework Help

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Select an educational site such as a Pre-K–12 school district, university, or corporate training center. Create a comprehensive proposal that includes technology-related recommendations based on evaluation data collected for the previous year. Include the following:

  • The data includes several forms of assessments that indicate different types of student achievement categories and the success of technology usage among all staff.
  • Present your data in organized fashion with charts, tables, and lists of statistics describing student achievement and the amount of technology integration within each program.
  • The data should indicate positive or neutral links between technology use and academic achievement and/or staff productivity.
  • Your recommendations should include better use of existing technology, projected purchases over a 5-year period, future and long-range staff development, and the incorporation of newer or upgraded technologies into various programs.
  • Your data should also include how the current technology is beneficial. The emphasis here is on different programs within one larger institution.
  • Your recommendations should connect with the organization’s strategic plan, the institutions comprehensive technology plan, and other possible operational planning programs already in place to upgrade or introduce new programs.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. 6-8 pages

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