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Security controls come in distinct categories. One of those categories is preventative controls. Preventative controls aim to minimize the possibility of information loss before it can occur (IS Handbook, n.d.). There are numerous different types of preventative controls which can include firewalls, anti-virus, and intrusion preventions systems (IPS) (Northcutt, n.d.). All of these safeguards look to stop malicious activity before it can occur. IPS systems have the benefit of going even deeper than antivirus and firewalls by analyzing each packet within network conversations for unusual protocols or strings (Rajesh, 2009). Having preventative security controls within a network is a great way to mitigate the risk of connecting to the open internet.

Preventative controls do not necessarily need to be devices or software within a network or system. Other controls which can prevent attacks or breaches include security awareness training for users and security guards (Northcutt, n.d.). Essentially any safeguard which acts to prevent malicious activity from occurring falls into the preventative category. Controls in prevention are preferred due to their cost effectiveness. Data loss events can be extremely costly in terms of both money and legal action, so preventing breaches from occurring can save an organization greatly. Preventative controls really work best in any industry that connects to the internet. In today’s interconnected business environment, all industries need to be taking preventative measures when it comes to their systems and networks.


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