Screening Risk programs falls for dementia patient

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Part II:

Research Your Cause:

Continue planning your advocacy
project.Do additional research and
answer the following


1.With whom did you meet to discuss
your project?What did you find out?

2.Need:What are the critical issues that persuade
you that action is needed? Cite to

sources which provide evidence of
the issues (government-published statistics, news

articles, scholarly research,
textbooks, published books, a respected organization’s

information posted on its website
etc.).You do not have to use any
specific citation

method – just give enough
information so I can find the source and know the date. If

you need to collect data, describe
how you will collect and what measures you will

take to ensure you have proper
consents and security of your data.

3.Feasibility:How will you collect, store and use your
data, if necessary? With whom

will you partner?Will you provide your own funds?How much are you seeking

from the Award Grantor in our
competition?Is your project sustainable

accomplish your goals?

4.Orderly development: What types of
action/ results do you aim to achieve (Examples:

specific legislation to address the
needs of the elderly who do not have access to

psychiatric services, education to
patients about healthy choices to control diabetes,

reforms in the school cafeterias to
stop the sale of snack foods/ soft drinks, grants to

agencies who provide aid to
low-income pregnant women to improve prenatal care

and reduce the numbers of infant
mortalities, etc.)? Who else is doing this?

5.Quality and Impact:How will you measure outcomes and ensure qua

Part III:

Prepare and Practice your Draft 5 Minute
Report (

This can be PowerPoint Slides

instead of a written report):

Prepare and practice your draft 5
minute Report or PowerPoint slides:

Be prepared to

present your cause to the class in
Week 4. You need to practice and have it down to the

seconds and minute noted below.You will get feedback.You will give your final report in

Week 5.In Week 5, each of you will be seeking
hypothetical funding in our Health Care

Grant Competition where up to a
hypothetical amount $250,000 will be awarded. The award

grantor wants to fund several worthy
projects based on the four criteria used to award CONs

in Tennessee
(need/feasibility/orderly development/ quality).Your presentation is to be in

the following format:


Total 5 minutes:


Minute 1 (seconds 0-60):Start with your story.Jump right in.What

happened to get you interested in
this topic?Colorful details, personal

stories, and genuine interest grab


Minutes 2 (seconds 61-120):Your recommendation. What do you

propose to do?


Minutes 3 – 4 (seconds
121-240):Apply the four criteria:


1. Describe the problem and the


2.Feasibility.How will you
collect, store and use data pertaining

to your project? How will you fund
what you are seeking?How

much do you need from the Award
Grantor?How much will you

raise from other sources and who are
your sources?


3.Orderly Development.How does
this fit in with what others

are already doing? Why can you do
this best? Will you partner

with others, and if so, with whom?


4.Quality.What will you do to ensure
high quality of this

project?How will impact and quality be measured?


Minute 4 – 4 ½ (seconds
240-270):How much money do you want

the Award Grantor?Provide a hand-out your budget (you do not
have to

go every detail, but hand out and be
prepared to answer questions at the



Minute 41/2 – 5 (seconds 271-300):
Explain the impact and benefit:How

will your target audience benefit?
How will the grantor benefit?How will

all of us benefit as a society?


Visual Aid.In addition to your budget, you must use at
least 1 visual aid.

This can be a chart, graph, diagram,
etc.It can be on paper, hand-outs, flip

chart, PowerPoint – your


Include at an appropriate point, the
contact with whom you met and what

you learned.

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