SCLB0652: Final Project (WK4)

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Assignment: Powerpoint: (Use notes on power point, 4 APA peer reviewed reference and cite pictures used in powerpoint)

During the presentation, you are expected to demonstrate knowledge, awareness, and skills appropriate to a concentration-year master’s student.

The presentation should include the following:

  • The identification of the individual/family or group with background information including:
    • Presenting problem or concern
    • History of the presenting problem
    • Social history
    • Family history
    • Previous interventions
  • Your assessment of the client/family/group
  • Your engagement of the client/family/group
    • Specify the specific social work practice skills that were or would be used in your engagement.
  • Your intervention strategy (your intervention should integrate the systems the individual/family/group encounters)
    • The intervention should be a specific evidence-based practice.
    • Describe any consultation or supervision that may be necessary.
    • Be sure to include considerations of diversity and cultural awareness.
  • A description of your evaluation strategy
    • Include specific methodologies and measures.
    • Describe how your evaluation will be incorporated into future practice and work with this client/family/group.
  • Specific policy implications for the EBP intervention you are proposing

The presentation is expected to be 15 minutes, with 5 minutes of questions from your cohort (a total of 20 minutes for the presentation and questions). You should time your presentation to make sure it is no longer than 15 minutes. Appropriate citations are expected for all of the information presented. Without appropriate citations, the information will not be considered valid.

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