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Type of Essay— Expository/Informational
Topic— one part or aspect of your country’s culture (something you know about)
Prompt— Choose and narrow one specific part of your country’s culture, discuss what it is or how it works, and conclude by explaining why it is important to you. 
Include— Ideas generated (see above)– be sure to turn this in with the essay
  Intro– catch attention, background, statement of thesis
  Body– 2 paragraphs developing specific details about the narrowed topic
  Conclusion– restate thesis, explain the importance of the topic
  MLA Format (typed and printed out)– see the Language Resources Page of this website, at the bottom of the page
  500-600– words
Underline and label:​ 1) 2 of each of the 3 kinds of sentences, 2) the thesis,   3) the 2 topic sentences in the body, and 4) the restatement of the thesis in the conclusion

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