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DB J. Hales

Option two: Of the traditional types of training methods available to me, I would choose on-the-job training (OJT). To me, this is the best form of traditional training, because it most closely connects the learner with the skills, they will end up needing and using in real situations. Every person learns differently and responds to different learning techniques differently. Because of this, some people don’t learn as well when they are taught with lecture style training, because it is not interactive enough, while others respond better to it, because too many interactive things muddle what they need to know for their position. OJT supports all the learning styles, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, and can be adapted easily to deliver knowledge in the best way possible to learners. Additionally, the manager does not need to be the one to deliver the training every time, approved coworkers can deliver OJT, leaving more time for managers to focus on other tasks. General training programs can leave out important information or even deliver too much information to the learners. But when someone is learning on the job, in real time, processes can be seen and interacted with as they occur. This makes it easier to have questions answered ahead of time, and only the most needed information is given, so that learners don’t feel overwhelmed during their training.

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