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In cities like San Francisco, it has become practically the norm to source locally from organic and sustainable farms. Today’s chefs have banded together to create their version of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), the RSA (Restaurant Supported Agriculture). A good number of chefs have gone a step further by doing the farming themselves. Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill, for instance, has set the pace for restaurant gardening and livestock production. The popularity of his restaurants and others with similar practices is a great indication that this is not just a trend anymore but is actually a movement with many advocates. Buying local and organic is becoming more popular. Some fast-food establishments are even buying organic products.

Discuss your analysis of the local, sustainable, and organic movement in relation to the future of food.

·Discuss what food stores are involved in this process and what social forces or trends you believe are behind the local, sustainable, and organic movement. 

·Explain of the ‘locavore’ movement differ from the push for organics?

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