: Change Management : Change Management

As this is the final term paper, what we are looking is how much you have learned out of this subject. What did change management impacted on you. To showcase your learning, Read the given case study on Salesforce and write a paper with your analysis, identifying the application of learnings. You are to analysis what worked and why applying the course learning, and should you see alternatives what could be done differently.

Answer the following questions based on the case study attached:

  1. What is organizational culture?
  2. Describe the role of a leader in ensuring a healthy organizational culture?
  3. How can an organization’s culture affect its organizational structure? How does an organization’s structure affect its culture?
  4. What can a leader do to lessen the resistance to change?
  5. Is power or influence more important? Why?
  6. How can the creativity of a team be improved?


  • Please follow strict APA format
  • No plagirism at all. Please submuit the turnit in report along with the answer.
  • Starting with introcution, answers to all the questions with individual headings, conclusions, references. Please use the APA proof citations
  • Total number of words needs to be 2000 (excluding references)
  • Use masters level academic English with excellent grammer
  • All arguments are fully and clearly supported by evidence based on referenced research. ALL your comments MUST be supported by research evidence that is taken from academic or professional sources which are immediately listed as a reference within the paragraph.
  • Content needs to cover topics taught in the class. ALL your comments MUST be supported by course content. Dealing with conflict, Diagnosis resistance, Creating team work, Communicating change, Leadership.
  • Conclusion: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE PAPER. SHOW YOUR CRITICAL THINKING. I am especially looking for YOUR OWN conclusions and critical thinking about what you have learned from the question and your research.


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