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English Composition I

Revision and Proofreading

the readings and lecture this week, we have explored the differences in
proofreading and revision. We have also read about the importance of
this stage of the writing process. To begin this week, go to the
EBSCOhost Database, search for and read the following article about

Toor. R. (2012). Not my type. Chronicle of Higher Education, 58(27). 

This article may not be the first article on your search results list.
Double-check to make sure you are reading the correct article.

you’ve read Chapter Seven, viewed this week’s lecture, and read Toor’s
article, construct a 75-150 word response detailing what revisions you
would make to the sample student essay from Week Six.

Consider questions like:

  • Is the argument clearly stated?
  • Does the essay convince you of its argument? Why or why not?
  • Does it need more details or examples to support the subtopics?
  • Could the paper use more or fewer citations?
  • Does the order of the subtopics/the essay organization best support the thesis?

are a myriad of ways to revise an essay. These are just meant as a
starting point. If you think of another way to meaningfully revise the
sample, by all means, discuss it. Just know that though this is a solid
student example, but it is by no means perfect.

Remember to use
specific content from the student essay to support your ideas. For
example, it is not good enough to say “I would change the order.” Talk
specifically about what you would change and why.

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