revising and editing

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i have my intermediate draft, and i have my instructor comments. i need it to be well revised and edit. the whole assignment well depnd on revising and editing the paper i will attach the original work and the instructor comments. please change as much as possible the sources are in the paper if you couldn’t find one of the sources let me know i will attach a direct link.

those are some of my week areas in general and i will attach a pdf of the instructor comment.

1/ Analysis: focus your thesis on the purpose of the ads and how the rhetorical appeals help achieve that purpose.

2/Evidence:make sure that your sources are supporting your readings of the advertisements, not just background information.

3/ organization: please focus on one main idea per paragraph.

4/Format:look up how to italicize titles of source publications in the Works Cited.

5/Style:of these ads. Are you writing “educate people and support them” because those are two things you’re discussing in your paper? This might be a case where you need to be more specific.


1. Clarify your thesis statement

2. Use evidence to support your main points, not just background information

3. Discuss one topic per paragraph

i will attach the assignment requirements as well, feel free to make any changes.

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