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Lyrical Essay

Revise your Lyrical Essay from last week to incorporate both the feedback you received from peers as well as personal insights you may have come to through your revision discussion work over the course week.

Your essay should include 3-4 pages PLUS a properly formatted Works Cited page that has at least three sources (MLA format) from the NEC Databases.

Felix N. you wrote this first draft below now please revise according to what instructions above say thank you.

Structure/ style of the following Articles

“The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula LeGuinn

The story sounds like a fantasy when you read through it; the novel has both anthropological and sociological themes. The character in the story seems to be unreliable, as he uses terms like “I think”; the story appears to be a guess work with no facts (“Bibliography” 15). At some point the narrator asks the audience if they trust what he says, this shows the element of doubt or fictional story. The author uses a descriptive style talk about the city and its people.

The narrator uses rhetorical questions throughout the story, for instance, he asks the audience what they can sacrifice to enjoy happiness. The author narrates the story through third-person omniscient opinion (Cumming 46).  This is evident as the author seems to be aware of the feelings and the thoughts of all the people in the story, and at the same time, he thinks that he understands the sense of the audience. The story utilizes the imagery styles, where the narrator uses cities and other places to give his story and events which took place at the utopian village of Omelas (“Bibliography”). The story also seems to be a contradiction, as the author narrates about the happiness and also discusses a child suffering, the two themes contradicts his message.

The use of dilemmas, where the story is full of questions, keeps on posting questions to the audience which remains unanswered. Symbolism is one of the styles the author utilizes, for instance, the author uses terms like; joy, brilliance, happiness and summer to represent a sense of awakening or a new dawn (Cumming 34). Another symbolism seen in the story is where the sun is rising, which signifies the birth of a child that is the beginning of a new life.

“Graduation” By Maya Angelou

Angelou through the narration of her life, she employs rising action, resolution, climax and falling action which succeed to change readers’ outlook of the story from time to time. The story is well structured and has fluency as it discusses events as they happen throughout her life.

She uses flashback styles, throughout the story; it is a flashback of Maya Angelou’s life experiences. She narrates her memories; the story is a personal and intimate life history of Angelou. She uses flashbacks to explain hardships she encountered throughout her life. She utilizes narration styles to describe life events she has undergone (Orwell 15). The description makes her story fascinating and captivating to read.

Dialogue is another style Maya employs in her narrative, the story uses dialogue techniques, as the narrator engages in dialogue with different people along the story. The story begins with dialogue, and the same style is utilized throughout the book. The story structure enables Maya to explain her experiences through life (Orwell 37). Through the use of narrations, dialogue and flashbacks the story manages to captivate the readers. 

Her style of writing is rather enticing and attractive, she manages to come up with a character, setting, conflict and action that enable the audience to have a picture or gain insight of her life experiences and memories.

“Shooting an Elephant” By George Orwell

  The author utilizes a first person narration; the readers’ gets to know who the author is. The author describes an event which took place; he narrates a past event which occurred in his life. Throughout the book, Orwell can show how the event which takes place in his life affected him. He uses ironic contrast in the manner he relates the situation of Europeans in Burma amidst a strong anti-European feeling of warfare (Svirchevskiy 27). Orwell compares how Europeans were tortured and bullied in Burma. He uses colloquial diction throughout his story; this is shown through the proper sentence structures displayed across the story.

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