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  3. Is there a particular American fascination with apocalypticism today, one that was recently triggered by the year 2000? And, if so, why? From a sociological point of view, why is apocalypticism so enduring?

People are still fascinated with the concept of the end of the world, whether it’s from a religious perspective of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, to non-religious people who see wars, conquests, crime, hate, greed, and separation as signs of end times. Almost everything on the news is negative and destructive to a peaceful existence. Whether one notices or not, negative messages permeate into the behavior of people who see the newsfeed on TV, social media, or advertisements on the street. The idea is enduring because of the constant reminders of how bad the economy is, how violent radical martyrs and criminals have become, and so on. 


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