Resilience Mastery Reflection and Servant Leadership “Looking for Robert F

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Read Chapter 5and 7 on Resilience Mastery Reflection and Servant Leadership in text book Leadership from the inside out “Kevin Cashman”

Resilience Mastery Reflection

After reading the chapters on resilience (pages 127–146), write your responses to the reflections questions on pages 145–146. Then answer how do you assess your ability to maintain balance in your life? What commitments and actions are needed in this area? Relate a story from your personal experience with a leader who lost balance. Did this leader experience health problems? Did he or she affect the health of employees, friends, or family? What happened to this leader’s sense of humor, relationships, or effectiveness? Why is this important area often overlooked? What are the beliefs that drive us toward obsessive behavior?

Servant Leadership

Review the site Robert Greenleaf who was the founder of the concept of Servant Leadership, an alternate leadership approach.

Based on the Web site about Servant Leadership, write several paragraphs describing the aspects of a servant leader. Why does it appeal to you as an approach to leadership? What concerns do you have? Why does servant leadership seem appropriate given The Thinking Habits? Choose one of The Thinking Habits and elaborate.

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