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In WRTG 291, you will focus several of your formal writing assignments on a research topic of your choice. Last week, you completed a keyword search on a topic of your choosing. This week you will work on narrowing search topics.

This exercise will help you to become familiar with academic research and the UMUC databases. Please watch the library tutorial 2 video below:

If you need help reading and understanding scholarly sources, please read over Writing Spaces: Readings on Writing,Volume 2, Chapter 13, Reading Games: Strategies for Reading Scholarly Sources.

The purpose of this activity is to help you become more familiar with UMUC Databases, searching, and narrowing/broadening a search.

In the first library exercise, you conducted a keyword search. In this activity, you will learn about subject searches.

Please complete the following steps after you have watched library tutorial #2:

1. Conduct the same key word search you conducted for library tutorial #1. Then use the SU Subject terms drop-down option to narrow your search even more. Please take notes on how you altered your search. (You will use them later in class.)

2. After you’ve searched, acquire one article from your new search. Write a short summary of the article. Remember to cite your source using APA guidelines.

Respond to two fellow classmates

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