research paper on the Great leap in China

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1. Give a brief description of an event in a specific country’s post-1945 history, and then ask a why question about the event. The more specific and focused the event, the better. Similarly, the why question should be very concise, as in the example given above. (For example: “Why did the 1956 Hungarian Uprising Occur?” )

2. Here you should offer some brief historical background that establishes why the event in question is puzzling. In other words, explain how it was unexpected or broke from the status quo. What about the event marked a change in how things had been up to that point? (For example:The 1956 Hungarian Uprising is a puzzling event because…”

3. Here you might run through two to three (or more) potential explanations for the event in question. Obviously, these will be very preliminary claims/explanations, as you have yet to do the research. However, your reading so far may provide enough evidence for you to offer some tentative answers. Again, this section is optional. What is most important (and what you will be graded on for the purpose of the proposal) is your “why” question, the puzzle behind it, and the list of two academic sources. (For example: “There are several potential explanations for the 1956 Hungarian Uprising.”

4) Provide the citations for at least two, non-syllabus academic sources, in bibliographic form:

You must list two academic sources (a scholarly book and/or journal articles, or one of each)

5. Papers must be formatted as follows: 12 point New Times Roman type, one-inch margins ( The topic, argument should be narrow, specific!!!!!!!!!!! I point out the example in the requirements 1,2,3)

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