Research Paper about Terrorism Only: Research question + thesis statement + outline + five sources

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I did my paper and I got comments from my teacher to edit my submission as you see:

(Terrorism will be a good issue to focus on for your paper, however, I need you to narrow your focus. You need to pick one particular convention or organization to examine and analyze. The world has yet to come to agreement on the Terrorism convention, but there are other agreements that do address terrorism. This link may help you to pick one: )

This is the assignment direction I need you to choose one topic about Terrorism from the above link and follow the directions

International Law

Research Paper

Your assignment is to research and analyze an international law created in response to an international issue. For example, you could focus on one treaty or one institution (e.g., created to adjudicate international law). The purpose of the paper is to evaluate the issue area surrounding the law, and the behavior(s) of states in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the international law you have chosen.

Parts of the Assignment:

1. Topic and Sources

The Topic should include 3 parts:

(a) the research question(s) you plan to consider,

(b) your thesis statement (2-3 sentences) introducing your paper and outlining the event you have chosen, and

(c) at least five sources to be used (e.g., one book, one journal, one scholarly website). Include a Reference/Bibliography page and cite using Chicago Citation style at least 5 different sources. You may use scholarly journals, books, government documents and web sites (including at least one book and one journal) for your sources. Encyclopedias including internet encyclopedias (wikipedia,, etc.) are not scholarly sources and should not be used as references for your paper.

2. Outline (full outline)

You must submit an outline of the paper that includes your thesis statement and all of the parts of the paper with enough description of each item to indicate that you have been working on the assignment.

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