Research Paper (1200 word minimum)

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Religion is not developed or practiced in a vacuum. It influences and is influenced by almost everything else found in culture—food, sexual practice and taboos, rites of passage (birth, marriage, death), entertainment (music, movies, art, literature, sports), healing arts, and understandings of the natural world.

For this project, the learner will choose a topic of interest and show the impact of religion(s). Some broad examples might be:  Christian expression in NASCAR, the reflection of Shinto in a piece of Japanese anime (choose one movie/book/game), Buddhism and the martial arts (choose one), Jewish history and belief in regard to tattoo body art. The possibilities are endless. The subject area will need to be precise and manageable. Do not write about Christianity in American politics, for instance, but rather about the Christian voice in the debate on gay marriage in the United States.

Sources may not be “googled” (Google Scholar is not acceptable for this paper) or from sources such as Wikipedia or, though these sites may help you find keywords for exploring the databases. Use at least 3 sources.

Additional research materials may include primary sources. For instance, if you are exploring themes from Confucianism in the movie Mulan, the movie may be an additional source. Personal interviews can also be used as additional sources of information.

Use careful MLA style and formatting. Avoid plagiarism by citing ALL sources in the text of the manuscript. This includes quotations, certainly, but also a body of information which you learned from a specific source and which you have put in your own words. At the end of that body of information (a paragraph, for instance), simply cite your source in parentheses.

How much would I have to pay to get this paper done? It has to be at least 1200 words and in MLA format.

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