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According to the assignment we need to select the company of Australia which has been listed under Asx with the corporate social responsibility being disclosed. Hence , the company which I have choose to do this assignment is the NAB bank of Australia . Every detail and the whole assignment should be related with Nab bank of Australia.

I have attached some extra Pdf file , which is very important to be studied carefully in order to do the assignment. I want this assignment to be done very carefully with all the detail information and all the questions to be answered as required. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in my uni . Hence no copy paste from internet. I want my assignment to have a very simple language as if a student has done it , not by a keep it simple as much as possible with full and required details.

I want you to include introduction, body, and conclusion with a proper referencing and in text citation.As you can see in question there is a table showing the division of introduction ,body etc Also carries the marks.i want that marking guidelines to be followed strictly. REFERENCES AND INTEXT CITATION is equally important in this assignment, so don’t forget to do it properly.

Lastly as I scored only 15 out of 25 in this assignment last semester, which has been done by you guys made me repeat my semester. i don’t want to take any chance this time, so plzzz be careful. Hope to get my assignment on time…

NOTE:-Assignment question and Pdf files are different.

Pdf files are just for help to do the assignment.

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