Replying to the classmates films on cultural relativism

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Peer Response Guidelines: Select at least two peers who are analyzing different films. In your responses to the initial posts of these peers, assess how well their interview questions would target different aspects of the characters’ cultural practices and positions within expressions of power. Suggest at least one revision or additional question for each peer to consider, and explain how that question would be useful in understanding the character’s cultural practices. Also, consider whether your peers slipped into ethnocentrism or practiced the principles of cultural relativism.

I provided my discussion too.

Classmate 1 Spencer

In the film Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, there is a character of the Hobbits name Frodo. Frodo is living in cozy, quiet place, called the Shire, wanting to go on an adventure due to hearing his Uncle Bilbo’s stories of the time that he went on an adventure. Upon Bilbo leaving the Shire to go on one last adventure Frodo inherits everything from him including a ring. After some time Gandalf learns of what the ring really is and sends Frodo on his own adventure and he becomes the Ring-Bearer. As one of the Ring-Bearers he is meant to go and destroy the ring before it falls into the hands of Sauron.

What was your childhood like in the Shire?

How was the leadership in the Shire determined and what type of leadership did the Shire have?

Did you travel outside of the Shire before the adventure?

What was your position in the Shire?

Before inheriting Bilbo’s wealth were you poor or wealthy?

These questions I feel give insight to the Shire and to Frodo’s life. This would give deeper insight into how the leadership in the Shire is chosen and what type of leadership that they have if they have any. Looking into Frodo’s childhood would allow us a glimpse into how the Hobbits are raised and what a typical hobbit child would do. It will also allow us to see what position that Frodo help in the Shire and if he had money or lands before he inherited Bilbo’s wealth. It would also allow us to see why Frodo acts the way he does.

Classmate 2 Erin

The film I’ve decided to do my final project on is Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.

The character I have decided to interview is Princess Leia. Princess Leia is the one who successfully receives the transmission from the rebels who steal the plans of the death star. Before she is captured by Darth Vader, she hides the plans and a message inside R2-D2 and they escape before she is captured. While she is captured, she is interrogated and when she lied about the whereabouts of the rebel alliance, her home planet was destroyed. She was eventually saved by Han, Luke and the others where they rendezvous with the alliance and deliver the death star plans.

1. How did you gather the courage to lie about where the rebel alliance was knowing what was at stake?

This question helps me understand how strong her will power is to get her mission carried out. Her answer will also help me understand where this will power came from, whether she was raised to be a strong character, or it was something she learned along the way. Her answer will also show us how loyal she is to the rebellion.

2. How did it feel to be constantly patronized by Han solo because you are a princess?

This question helps me understand how women, especially women with power, are treated in their culture. The answer to this question will also show me how gender roles are played within their culture and how differently women are viewed.

3. When did you decide to join the rebellion?

Asking her this question gives me a better understanding of Leia’s beliefs. Her answer would let me know what about the rebellion made her join, what she is fighting for, how far she is willing to go, and why she decides to carry out some of the most dangerous missions.

4. At any point of you being captured were you afraid that they would take your life?

Leia never really shows fear towards Darth Vader, she acts very defiant toward him. The only time she really shows emotion in front of him is when they blow up her home planet, even then it’s not an emotion Vader can feed off of its just sadness for her home planet. Her answer to this question will again show us how strong of a character she is and how compassionate she was toward the place she was raised.

5. What is your idea of a perfect galactic republic?

We know that the rebellion is fighting to destroy the empire and put in a new government, so this question will give me insight into how Leia views politics. The answer to this question would help me understand how Leia would change everything and how much knowledge she has of politics.

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