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class mate 1 Psychology 335

I have taken many versions of the Jung typology test, most of which have been Myers-Briggs tests, and have pretty consistently gotten the same results-ENFP, or Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. These results have been reliable in my own experience and I actually feel they fit my personality well, especially the N and F, which have stayed consistent over time. I have, however, done a lot of reading about the Myers Briggs test and know that most of the psychological community does not accept it, as it is not empirically tested and vetted. This article from Vox lays out some of the important reasons it is not well regarded and cites several peer-reviewed articles that disprove the method: Interestingly, some of the arguments made in the article are similar to those I made a couple of weeks ago about the Big 5 personality traits, like that the test presents unnecessary binaries and uses biased wording.

I found our reading on Jung fascinating. It was interesting to me that the quotations at the beginning of the biographies of both Jung and Freud were about their disdain for science, and it does seem interesting to me that we still use this test even though it is based on one man’s outlook on the world, an outlook that is Christological, sexist, and blatantly racist (I found the bit about the dwarf particularly disturbing). If you can set aside those things though (which I don’t think you should) I actually found his ideas to be fascinating. I never realized how spiritual Jung was, and I thought as an exploration into spirituality rather than the science of psychology, he went into interesting territory with the idea of the collective unconscious and the various components of the self.


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Classmate 2

Out of all the personality test I have taken, I like this one the most. I do agree with the results that I was given. Ever since I was little people have been telling me I am a leader. The only part of being a leader that I can say I am still working on is being more confident. I do truly believe in myself, but I do tend to doubt myself sometimes. I have also been told that I have great energy and that I inspire others to have a positive attitude. I love to uplift others and keep everyone happy. I do prefer to work on my own, but if my coworkers or classmates need me, I will make the necessary adjustments. In a group setting there are so many different opinions. It is hard to get everyone to agree. Working alone I know I can trust my own judgement. I can be very creative. I love that I can make something out of nothing and come up with creative ideas. At my job everyone looks to me when there is a creative task that need to be completed. This test has opened my eyes. I can take take these results and continue to better myself.

Class mate 3

I find this question to be quite difficult due to the fact that it could be considered a violation of the eighth amendment. Like the death penalty, to many people this could be considered cruel and unusual punishment. It almost bares to question who are we as human beings to be able to decide that physical harm to a person is deemed a reasonable punishment for their crimes.

On the other hand, sexual offenders cause so much harm to their victims in a way that can be detrimental to their well being. It is not uncommon for survivors of sexual abuse to fall into depression, self harm, and suicidal tendencies/attempts. Outside of the effects that sexual offenders have on their victims, they can also be considered a danger to society. Majority of sex offenders never find their way to jail or prison and those who do actually face jail time don’t always receive a sentence that fits the crime. This means that some offenders get released after serving a decade or even a couple of years giving them the opportunity to assault again.

With that being said it is my belief that the mandation of chemical castration would be justifiable due to the greater good of the society. Sexual urges are often driven by testosterone, and seeing as the method of chemical castration includes testosterone blockers it would be a great way to attempt taking control of the serious problem of sexual assaults throughout the world. Although the success of said procedure isn’t considered to be a hundred percent effective it would be worth a try.

classmate 4:

Chemical castration should be mandated for sex offenders. Chemical castration will aid in decreasing the recidivism of sex offenders. The anaphrodisiac drug, medroxyprogesterone, is prescribed and administered by way of oral tablets or injection to suppress pedophilic and other sexual urges (Scott, 2003). The effects of the drug are reversible when the sex offender discontinues the medication. This is a more humane technique than the alternative physical castration. In a 2005 review of medical literature in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, researchers said that chemical castration “reduced testosterone levels and affected sexual deviance.” (Blinder, 2019).

Certain states in the U.S., as well as several countries around the world already enforce the punishment. According to an article on CNN Health, “At least nine U.S. states, including California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin have versions of chemical castration in their laws.” (Park, 2012). In 2019, Alabama became a recent addition to the states that enforce chemical castration. Poland, Russia, Argentina, Moldova, Israel, Australia, Estonia and New Zealand also enforce chemical castration in their countries. It is used in these countries as ways for offenders to shorten their sentence. Chemical castration is also mandatory in these countries for repeat offenders.

Although some may argue that that this condition of probation is extreme and questions the ethics of chemical castration, most offenders prefer this punishment to substitute lengthy prison sentences for non-violent offenses. Sexual crimes are very serious. People should be able to live everyday lives and safely raise their children without worrying about being sexually abused or sexually assaulted. I believe chemical castration should be a federal law enforced in every state and in countries that don’t.


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classmate 5:

A system/program that can be put in place in healthcare facilities, that I found particularly interesting because it can be used in pretty much any healthcare setting, is Lean Six Sigma. What’s really interesting about this particular program is that it wasn’t designed specifically for healthcare and can be used in other career fields as well, for example my husbands unit currently sent him to become certified in Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma is technically two programs Lean Thinking and Six Sigma which were then combined into a singular structure taking features from both to create one program. (Catalyst, 2018) The key function of Lean Six Sigma is to eliminate waste (Lean Thinking) and reduce imperfections (Six Sigma) in processes through a system of ongoing improvements. A key feature is using the acronym DMAIC which stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. (Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare, n.d.) There are several organizations who have used this structure to better give care at their facilities, some examples include Boston Medical Center using the process to better their diagnostic imaging process saving the hospital 2.2 million by reducing waste. Rapid Tides Medical Center used the process to decrease defects in patient care in their emergency department and reduced patient wait times and increased savings. Yale-New Haven Medical Center used the process to in their surgical intensive care unit and saved 1.2 million as well as decreased their blood stream infections by 75%. Lean Six Sigma isn’t just used to save money it can be used to streamline patient processes and decreases medical errors and illnesses, though by decreasing waste and streamlining processes the institutions who use this program are bound to find some ways to save money.


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classmate 6

Care First -PCMH- Patient Centered Medical Home is an excellent example of responsibility, ensuring program compliance, engaging patients and increasing patient engagement and compliance. (PCMH, 2020)

Per Care First: “Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program is designed to incentivize and provide resources, data and programs to assist health care providers in delivering quality, cost efficient care.” (PCMH, 2020) “The PCMH program places an emphasis on helping providers provide comprehensive, coordinated care for their CareFirst patients with the greatest health needs – typically those suffering from multiple chronic health conditions.” (PCMH, 2020) “The program requires significant provider and patient engagement and meaningfully compensates primary care providers for that engagement.” (PCMH, 2020)

Our practice participates in the Care First PCMH Program. I work closely with our providers, staff and the Care First LCC who are RN, Licensed Care Coordinators. PCMH is an excellent program, it enables us to provide additional resources to our Care First patients. The LCC work with the patients to create a custom care plan, they attend patient appointments, they educate our patients and provide educational materials and community resource referrals. By making recommendations and coordinating community based programs and services, the LCC have increased our efficiency and created a move productive work environment . “Coordinated care” provides a high quality of care, increased patient and provider satisfaction with the added bonus of decreasing hospital readmissions. (PCMH, 2020)


PCMH (2020) Program Description and Guidelines. Retrieved on: February 27, 2020

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