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Chapter 7 -The Old Testament Story (Israel’s monarch
descends into sin and the nation follows, soon breaking apart into two
kingdoms, the northern and the southern. The northern kingdom’s fall comes
first. )

I Kings

1. What were Solomon’s strengths and weaknesses as a king?

2. What factors contributed to the negative reaction of the
northern tribes to Rehoboam?

3. Why did the worship of Baal appeal to the Israelites so

4. Why did Ahab handle Elijah differently from the way
Jezebel dealt with him?

5. How are the portrayals of Elijah and Elisha alike, and
how do they differ?

The Division of the Monarchy II: The Story of the Southern


Chapter 8 -The Old Testament Story (After the fall of the
northern kingdom the southern kingdom hangs on, if only for a little while,
before it too falls to enemy invasion. )

II Kings

6. What happened to bring an end to the hostilities between
Israel and Judah?

7. Who was Athaliah? Why is she a significant figure in
Israel’s story?

8. How did Judah manage to survive the Assyrian invasions
that destroyed Israel and Syria in the later eighth century (745-721 B.C.E.)?

9. How did Hezekiah prepare for a possible invasion by the
Assyrians during Sennacherib’s reign?

10. What possible physical evidence has been found to
confirm Hezekiah’s reform?

The Exile and Restoration: Israel Redefined


Chapter 9 -The Old Testament Story (The Exile came as a
shock to the nation of Israel, north and south. After nearly 50 years away
their Persian captors allow them to return to begin the efforts to rebuild a
city, a temple and a covenant relationship with Yahweh. )

Lamentations; Ezra; Nehemiah

11. What does Lamentations tell us about conditions in
Jerusalem during the Babylonian siege?

12. What were the three major groups of Israelites that
formed in the wake of the Babylonian destruction, and how were they related to
each other?

13. How did Cyrus’ conquest of the Babylonians affect the
Jews in exile?

14. Assess the relative significance of Ezra and Nehemiah to
the Jerusalem community.

15. How did Ezra and Nehemiah address the issue of foreign
wives? Why?

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