Religion literally means to connect again

Course: Religions of the World

1)In this discussion students will form ideas and engage in conversation about how caste systems can shape a religion. Start a new thread with a thought or two on how having a caste system might shape religious thought in a culture.

Length: 250 words

2) Religion literally means to connect again, but is this a belief, a practice or both?  In the previous videos we heard from two Christian perspectives on the compatibility of believing in the faith of Christianity and practicing Buddhism.  As the course considers many of the Eastern religions there is a disconnect in understanding between belief and practice.  An Eastern view allows for the practicing of a couple of religions while Western belief practices only allow for the following of one religion.

This begs the question of whether there is a dichotomy between belief and practice or if they are one in the same?  Reflect on this question of dichotomy/sameness in a paragraph or two and what your thoughts are on the topic, if you have supporting evidence for your answer from the textbook or other resources note them at the end.

Length: 300 words

Remember:  Use proper grammar, punctuation, spelling and use paragraphs to distinguish between thoughts.  Points are going to start being deducted for these errors.

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