Religion: Family Relation ( Answer those questions)

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Family Relations

Read Balswick, Fourth Edition, Part 2 (chapters 3, 4 and 5) and answer the following questions.

Single space acceptable, but leave a space between questions.

1.Discuss the concept of “bride price” and “dowry” in many older cultures.Page46

2.Explain three stages that someone might experience in shifting from traditional customs to romantic love.Page 46

3.According to Grunebaum, what are the three features that link romantic love to erotic love? Explain each.Page 48

4.Describe and explain rational-romantic love? Page 49

5.Define and explain the three dimensions of Sternberg’s model for romantic love.Page 49

6.Explain in your own words the four types of love relationships. Pages 49-50

7.Which of the various theories of mate selection seems most accurate to you? Explain.Pages 50-54

8.Summarize the authors’ discussion of “cohabitation” either as a path toward or alternative to marriage. Pages 57-65

9.Discuss how the Christian community should respond to cohabiting couples. Pages 68-69

10. Summarize the five areas that are the focus of the “Preparation for Marriage Questionnaire” by Holman, Larson, and Harmer.Page 71

11. What factors tend to predict marriage quality? Pages 73-74

12. What issues of family origin might require resolution before marriage?Pages 74-79

13. Explain the dilemma of the modern marriage.Pages 79-81

14. How do the authors apply the Greek term perichoresis to a healthy marriage? Pages 82-86

15. Discuss the heart of a Christian Marriage.Pages 99-100

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