Religion – Christian Spirituality Research Paper

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Please see provided Files for full description.

There are 5 choices as topic for research paper. Paper must be at least 1500-2000 words (roughly 6 pages, not counting title and works cited pages). 6 pages Double spaced, MLA Format. There are strict guidelines on the resources to use. At least 4 sources are to be used.

List of choices:

1.How does the Second Vatican Council document Dei Verbum (see chapter 3 from assigned reading) emphasize the importance of recognizing both the divine and human authorship of sacred Scripture?

2.Choose one of the traditional arguments for the existence of God and explain its meaning and origin.

3.In what ways did the early Christian ecumenical councils develop the Church’s understanding of the nature of Jesus?

4.Outline the development of the Christian doctrine of the Trinity from the New Testament Church to the Nicene Creed.

5.Explain the role of reason within theology as it seeks to deepen its understanding of the mysteries of faith.

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