Religion and State in Islam and Christianity

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Read Chapter 8 written by Peter N. Stearns that I have attached below and answer this question in ESSAY FORMAT

Question: What were the differences in the ways Christian and Muslim thinkers defined the state in its relationship to religion? What state functions would both religions agree on? How does the existence of a separate church differentiate the Christian from the Muslim approach?

The purpose of the essay: provide a close reading of the documents. Avoid summarizing information found in Stearns’ introductions to the chapter and/or documents. In other words, CONSTRUCT AN ARGUMENT BY DEMONSTRATING OW THE DOCUMENTS RELATE TO THE QUESTIONS FROM STEARNS. You can not use any outside sources, only the reading make sure to cite using (Stearns, page #). ESSAY NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST 800 WORDS.

Evaluation: Essays will be evaluated on the following criteria:


Organization and Development

Evidence (use of sources and citation)

Mechanics (grammar, spelling, sentence structure)

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